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Your point is very well taken. I apologize for phrasing so carelessly. But I'm saying if we come home now, and Obama is hailed as a great peace leader, he will use that as a weapon to further violate rights in our country and others, and probably start other wars anyway. A Ron Paul presidency would be a world-historical event and would bring about the end of *several* wars and countless illegal & destructive activities by the U.S. government & global corporatists. That's a good trade-off.

Another example of this is what would happen if the economy boomed right NOW. Sure, great, but it's based on government spending and cronyism and wouldn't last anyway, and it would give Obama as much power as the Clintons. I don't think a couple of years of shallow prosperity, or a slight downturn in deaths in battle, are worth putting the final nail in the coffin of a Republic.