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You ever see...

"The Razor's Edge??" Remember that scene where Bill Murray is freezing in a mountain and he stops reading his book. Tears out pages and puts them in the fire so he can be warm?

That sums up AJ for me. He's great at getting you into a different conciousness. But at some point you have to move beyond that, or you never fully mature or grow.

Life is bigger than any ideological cage. You have to open your eyes to the word around you, seperate the real from the unreal, and act in accordance with your insight, and instinct take you.

The problem with relying one any one guru, is that you can be mislead astray and left in the wilderness with no path back towards real reality.

AJ makes causes, and he turns them into a buisness. That's fine, it works for him. I appreciate his information, the stuff I can prove, and I accept it if I can.

But this whole "me..., I was the..., Oh I don't want the attention, I wish I didn't have to be here" sthick gets kinds old after you hear it so many times.

You have to move BEYOND AJ if you want to grow and respond, let alone anticipate and prepare for the events of the world around you.

Anything less is a tether to an anchor that leads you into the abyss... Self reliance means responsibility. If you outsource your thought and thinking and views to another entity, your just as much as intellectual slave, as you are a sheep.