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um.. where were you when hardcore conspiracists bashed ron paul

when he avoided actively discussing 911 during news interviews? that wasn't dividing to the movement? could this had been a false memory that the bashing never took place? no, not really. because that was the initial reason i registered for dp.. it was to make a response to the ron paul basher who called him a "coward" over a news segment featuring ron paul arguing with ben stein who said ron paul's anti-war argument had been consistently used by anti-semitics. according to the hardcore "911 was an ij" guy here on dp, ron paul should have somehow found a way to talk about how 911 was an ij right then and there, and that he was a coward for not doing it. where were you and other fellow aj hardcore followers to stop him? nowhere to be found. when i attacked back, some of your friends actually stood on his side. so, there's my case for conspiracists being the real divider of the movement.

now, michael doesn't like all this talk and i would have avoided bringing up this old topic, if you didn't just randomly attack another person for being a divider just because he voiced dissent. and if i'm not mistaken you're an important staff on this site right? may i request then you just remain neutral as much as possible then, or at least voice your dissent without telling another person to halt his.

and just a side note.. i believe it's not news to anyone that plenty of delusional people think ron paul is also involved in some grand scheme of conspiracy and he is some kind of controlled opposition to give false hope and waste activists' energy. in fact no one knows how many of those within your conspiracy movement think that way because no one will spend resources to attempt to do any kind of polling obviously. so really, no one really knows if those of you who follow the liberty movement is even a majority inside the conspiracy camp. who is the divider, really?