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Comment: Independence from Reality

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Independence from Reality

Michael, thanks for posting this -
As I mentioned in our correspondence, I honestly didn’t expect to see it here, in this space. I guess I figured it not-exactly-fitting, or something. ...and it’s I that owe Steve the thanks. Steve recorded all these tunes in his home, and then decided that Carleton must be included. We recorded them a second time at the studio; what a kick it was. One thing I find amazing and so much unexpected, is all the downloads, and from so many countries.

Australia, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, India, Japan, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Romania, Slovak Republic, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Virgin Islands, all across the US…

Watching this political movement grow here (epitomized by the efforts of Nystrom & Dore) I knew it would, at the very least, introduce folks to the truth that governance by the people, governance by rule of law, is, in many ways, a myth. Folks need to consider, what studying Ron Paul has made very clear; that we do not live in a constitutional republic. And history suggests that we can't get there from here. Folks need to consider, that pulling the levers of political machinery, at least on a national level, is mostly an exercise in futility.

The ‘movement’ may well have served as a lightning rod. And the purpose of a lightning rod is to protect the structure that supports it. But the movement also served as a test; does the system still work? Are the checks and balances functioning? Empirical evidence suggests that a system has been replaced with a process; a process with the characteristics of an explosion. As JW might put it, lit fuses crisscrossed in the night as countless derivatives ignite and explode behind the scenes. Salutations July 4th, MMX; celebrating independence from reality.

Perhaps it’s time to reflect on where our cherished (virtual?) liberties came from. Certainly from sacred concepts as bills of rights, but how much freedom has come directly from the age of abundance? The view from Mt. Hubbert is stunning, damned creepy too; open eyes, careful steps…  World made by hand? Sure, to some degree, no way around it. A surveillance society? To some degree, already here. The Wolf is always at the door.

So what actions have viable purpose? It may be time to decentralize in every sense possible. I like Greer’s concept of Gardening Wizards. Maybe some cottage industry Gurus as well, de-industrialized or low tech approaches to making supplies. Whatever it is, it may well be the antithesis of a mass movement. It must come from those that can look deep into the night sky, and see what others can not; precipice moon.