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The problem, is that most people try to look at this issue as a conspiratorial secret issue with hidden messages and decoding, instead of what it is, which is the ease of commerce.

When the Government deals with "humans" it is limited in its power, when they deal with Corporations or other created entities the liability vanishes and their power is endless.

Humans have been alive for thousands of years, and never needed certificates of birth, or identifying numbers, except for when dealing with property, such as slavery. The marks that humans had in history were identifying marks to show ownership. Just like cattle today. Of course 'free' cattle have no marks.

Early on, Governments understood that the voluntary submission of identifying documents made the 'human' into a privileged entity....
This is why the 13th Amendment uses the term "Involuntary Servitude". This made it perfectly clear, in a time of ambiguity of whether a man or woman could volunteer themselves into servitude, that one could in fact volunteer themselves into servitude.

Of course the non-believers have no explanation for the term "involuntary servitude", and seem to think that the 'strawman' theory is something of comic book fiction. If they stop to think for a minute they will realize that this is an ingenious way for Constitutionally protected humans to release themselves from the protection of the Constitution, and to trade their unalienable rights for civil rights.

Even today a birth certificate and identifying social security number is NOT mandatory, and everyday mothers and fathers volunteer their kids.