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Bump, Bump, Bump

You state your case (and the case of many here, including myself) quite well. In fact, you state our case with simple honesty ... something that is obvious by the lack of vitriol and heated passion. For you (and for me, btw) this is a matter of the simple truth.

Many of the conspiracy advocates treat the skeptics on DP like they are blind, gullible fools. And to be honest, I love their passion for liberty, but I damn their tendency to ridicule rather than persuade.

You make a great point. The danger with our government seems to be their complete incompetence and incurable inefficiencies, rather than some vast (or even small but powerful) cabal of sinister forces. Wasn’t it Ben Franklin who said, “Two people can keep a secret, so long as one of them is dead.”
Conspiracy theories often take one aspect of human nature and carry it very far, while ignoring another quite obvious aspect of our nature.