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I'm glad you are a skeptic, and that you realize government is incapable of even running a school lunch program.

However, at the root core of our anxiety we will notice that the real reason we can easily accept 'conspiracy scenarios' and with all the evidence gathered, the actual 'conspiracy' taking place before our eyes, is because the checks and balances of our great bicameral system is completely busted, undermined, and made so dysfunctional that justice is now impossible.

If you don't think this is any big deal, think again.

Is it not a wonder that people with extremely high IQs and less than average moral compasses, have been selected from the finest schools all over the country and invited to take part in 'think tanks' at the CFR, American Enterprise Institute, and the Brookings Institute, devising plans like the Project For A New American Century??? These ones are compensated with big FRNs and many perks to boot.

They are tasked with producing probabilities of what might occur should the twin towers be hit, or a bio warfare, nuclear, or a weather disaster scenario took place.

Do you think this is for our benefit???

They are busy being tasked with these things by the demands of the military industrial complex and all their new technological gadgetry making death oh so interesting; a study in itself!

Heck there were a few of those who even became president/vice president, but they may only rank higher due to their greater psychotic traits.

We are wide open, dear. We no longer put 'real' criminals away. They are too busy being used by special interests and the banking industry.

We are vulnerable because we have no checks and balances anymore.

Hence, this is why I am an advocate for Articles of Freedom, if only Americans would think on this.

Our bicameral system and Constitution has never failed us, it is the finest system and document in the world.

Only 'uneducated educated' Americans could cause this system to break and become broken the way it is.

We are being played like a chess game and I suspect there are a few at the top who take great satisfaction in causing the worst nightmares that our founders knew would take place if their admonitions were not heeded by all the future Americans.