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Excuse my ingorance

of the word obuscators. It isn't even in the dictionary I have here on hand. I am not familiar with it. I will look for it again later.

I think you should question everything. Which falls on the side of the conspiracy theorist and the skeptic. Be a skeptic,but never close your mind.
I used to think some of the things I heard about 4 years ago were out there too. Now after seeing at least 80% come to fruition I am not so quick to blow off what seems to be nutty. Truth truly is stranger than fiction.
You might think how it feels to so called conspiracy theorists when they are ridiculed after having things they themselves probably didn't want to believe or thought were crazy be proven to be very real. I don't get the people who don't trust the government on anything yet support all the wars. Lot of those in the the new tea party movement. They strongly believe the government is incompetent on almost everything, yet completely just and competent on all of our foriegn intervention.
Don't let a few insults remove your skeptisim, but don't let your skeptisism keep you from looking for the truth. In other words question if your skeptisism is equally researched. Don't ignore it because it seems to go against what could be indoctrinated (false) logic.
None of what I am saying to you is meant in any way to be an insult or to accuse you of anything. I am only speaking from the experience of a 4 1/2 yr journey for answers. Many which I have found and many which I am still researching.
People won't believe me when I tell them Ahmedinejad never threatened to wipe Israel off the map. Do you? How many times a day does the government and the media repeat that? If you don't beleive me research it and find out what he really said and the context in which he said it. I almost always get a negative reaction when I tell people that fact and they either don't believe me or just won't except it because the media has told them otherwise. Repeatedly! I am a traitor. Things like this are the reason it is so important to look in to some of the things you might consider to be conspiracy theories or crazy talk. There is much more to the story on Iran that I won't go in to. It is a drop in the bucket of the lies we are fed. You will find so much if you look in to the real history of this country and who is really in charge.
Good luck and keep looking for answers. Just remember to look in more than one direction and don't shoot the messenger. Sometime passion causes people to use anger when trying to get you to look at their point of view. Doesn't hurt to consider the information they provide and look for some of your own before doing nothing but trying to prove wrong. I see the accusations coming from both sides in these discussions. May open minds and research prevail~Peace. By the way nice topic and for the most part so far it has been an itteligent discussion by all. You can't and I hope you would't just want everyone to agree with you. If you did I don't think you would have posted it. I'm sure some will attack, but it still wouldn't hurt to consider any info they provide and some of it will be BS. Good luck;)