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Skepticism = belief system

You ended your humble post by judging those who'd argue against you (or "blasting you away") to be conspiracy believers, and so you have effectively guarded yourself from taking radical viewpoints into consideration.

In reality, you will rarely come upon conspiracy theorists (a word used to effectively defend oneself from what is being presented) but perhaps conspiracy entertainers as I'd might consider to be myself at times.

The problem with being a skeptic is that you per definition are a believer! And clinging to "Occam's Razor" (BLATANT belief system) might be somewhat practical withing scientific work, but you might as well forget about finding common ground of discussion on seemingly radical subjects, or learning anything new that might enrich your understanding in unpredictable ways. Information is not dangerous and you owe it to yourself to read up on ANYTHING that evokes some sort of reaction.

I just want to blast away on one point regards to:

"Typically an astronomical amount of people would have to be in on things for the event in question to be executed without any whistle blowing."

1) What astronomical amount? If you've got the subconscious man by the balls, what's to stop you from dominating mankind by orders? Consider large modern day (and ancient) cults (Freemasonry, Knights Templars, innumerable orders delivering 'illumination' to it's initiates). What is to stop insidious minds from dominating a fragmented society of human beings en mass?

2) There are whistleblowers bloody everywhere (concerning let's say, the agreed upon "mainstream" conspiracy theories) and they are stunningly easy to find and look up. You just won't find their stories presented on your evening news. And you must, **MUST** take considerable time to research their stories and literally risk ending up a "conspiracy nut". Period.

The DP is definitely a hub of "strange" people and eccentrics (myself included) and hopefully you will not be put off by hars condemnation and rude remarks. It's a part of taking a step outside the mainstream. You will find most DPs are very much civilized and out for honest discussion. The fact that conspiracy theories are even allowed to be discussed without consistent ridicule (try discussing anything out of the ordinary with your workmates, regular newsforums, even friends and family. you could be as polite and factual as you want, you can forget any discussion of value), tells you something about the level of civilized behavior on this forum. It is truly unique, and being a foreigner (hypnotized by the message of liberty since '07), I can testify to the amazingly level of genuine love and acceptance there is to find here.

There are plenty of resourceful users here on DP. If you feel like challenging your thoughts, this is where you want to expose them!

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