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Comment: Saw a bumper sticker

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Saw a bumper sticker

the other day. It read "allegiance to the flag doesn't mean thoughtless obedience"

Thoughtless obedience, that sums up my view at the outset of "THE WAR ON TERROR".

My view has changed. Watch this video and tell me where the conspiracy is....

I've watched it. I can't see any conspiracy. All I see is a number of Pentagon police officers, Arlington cemetery workers and others, give eyewitness testimony that proves to me the government is absolutely lying about the Pentagon attack. There is no presumption in this video, only evidence gleaned from official records, including NTSB reports and c-span video outlining the governments testimony as to the flight path, destruction, etc.

Unless these people are lying, I don't it and decide for yourself.

Miamisburg, Montgomery County, Ohio