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just a couple of things

"The human macro-organizational structure is beyond the intellectual and predictive capacity of any one group of people. No group of people can account for all the facts of a dynamic system larger than themselves, a system of which they are, in fact, a part of."

One does not need to account for all the facts of a dynamic system in order to dominate it. Nor need the intellectual capacity be the only force that accounts for the domination. The problem with conspiracy theories are, the more you dig into the deep end of the conspiracy, the more esoteric and intuitive-based the problems get (want to talk crazy? Go research 'Aleister Crowley'). That's where labeling gets convenient, to deflect the threatening unknowns.

"All that said, there are those on the DP who come up with some cringe-worthy ideas. But in my view, its just poor science, poor reason"

The value of science and reason are not (or shouldn't be) based on your view. You cannot judge something to be poor science and reason if you have no idea or understanding what the "cringe-worthy ideas" are, or precisely WHY they are flawed.

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