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There is a lot in this

There is a lot in this thread, and I honest to God don't have all the answers. I don't pretend to, and right now I'm almost lost due to the response this thread has. You'll really have to forgive me.

One guy when I logged in here in the middle of the day was mad at me for ignoring him. He was kind of calling me out. I honestly don't know what to say to them.

There are some people here I'm never going to be able to make happy, and there are some people here who are totally thought provoking. Some people are even hell bent on making me a punching bag and putting words in my mouth. etc etc.

Not a very fun scenario for me all and all, but when life sends lemons your way you make lemonade.

How about I start with Pentagon, since its territory I know fairly well.

An airliner full of jet fuel is going to be just as effective as car bomb. That much is clear just by reviewing the footage of events taking place in NY. The tidy hole in Ring C was 12ft wide not 16 ft. This is backed up by ASCE and you can kind of get a feel for that when you compare to the hole vs the windows in the background of this picture.

From there we can take a look at what a 757 is minus hanger clearance because the plane is obviously not on the ground, landing gear extended. Here is my source for that.

We can see the fuselage alone is 12ft 4inches precisely matching the pentagon hole.

When it comes to so called suppressed video evidence, take a look at what the media was doing with one of the worst things that has ever happened on American soil. They were sucking down every piece of video and they played it for months on end. We were practically bombarded with it. I can see someone saying, "perhaps we shouldn't make the footage we have public out of respect", and I would be willing to accept that.

We got two frames from the gate camera, and it's fairly horrible in terms of evidence, but you can make out an aircraft in it. The government doesn't like people video taping secure areas any ways, and the pentagon is a good example of a "secure" area.