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First, don't let anyone

First, don't let anyone 'blast you off' the DP. It's always good to have open minds and different opinions to consider.


What makes you so certain that all the government insanity is due to inability rather than by intent? They consistently rip-off the people and work to run our nation into the ground. Could it be that they actually want to do that and aren't just incompetent fools?

If you take the position that the many thousands of examples of the government doing us wrong are simply due to incompetence, could you prove it? No, you could not. That would make you a...? Speculator. What proof could you offer? I imagine there would be very little.

Now, on the flip side of that argument, that much or even most of our situation is intentional - there is a great deal of supporting evidence, although not direct proof. The most obvious evidence would be the fact that the vast majority of Congress do not honor and obey their sworn oaths to our Constitution. When politicians violate their sworn oaths it basically is proof that they cannot be trusted and that their intent is put into question. More proof: thousands of obviously unconstitutional laws, Congress not interested in making sure all new laws are Constitutional via an Enumerated Powers Act, Congress exempting themselves from laws that apply to the rest of us (even insider trading is ok for Congress), etc, etc.

There is so much indirect proof pointing to the fact that there is something really bad going on. There's enough of it that seems to heavily lean towards intent, rather than incompetence. Incompetence would be making mistakes some of the time, but what we have are serious violations almost all of the time.