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Great way to open your post.

Great way to open your post. I'm still here, and I feel pretty comfortable talking to you.

Here is what I think

Big government statism fails because it's a flawed social construct in the first place. We can look at example after example of this when it comes to policy, and the state making an attempt at the impossible. The War on drugs- where in the state attempts to stop people from self destructing. Creating a one size fits all education system that can never possibly cater to the needs of every individual child it attempts to educate. Implementing policy that attempts to track everyone and everything for a multitude of reasons which include taxation and easier access to ones property. It's all simply so daunting that no organization could ever keep up.

So let me present you with a hypothetical. Lets say there is evil intent guiding the states every move. There is a malicious person pulling all the strings and simply running the system to achieve his own dark goals. Do you think the state would work if these people were removed? Is it even possible to salvage these sorts of programs and make them work? Or are they inherently bad ideas that have absolutely no hope of success to begin with?

If you believe there is something nefarious happening, what do you believe when that element has been removed? You touched on your answer to this question in this paragraph.

There is so much indirect proof pointing to the fact that there is something really bad going on. There's enough of it that seems to heavily lean towards intent, rather than incompetence. Incompetence would be making mistakes some of the time, but what we have are serious violations almost all of the time.-unquote-

I don't think our problems with the state are going to go away any time soon, and that is where our big difference is. Absent our conspirators the state is going to be bad either way, and I think often times every little problem that arises due to major flaws in the design gets chalked up to malice. When you're looking at the so called "proof" there is plenty of room for this particular interpretation, even though malice may not actually be in play.