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"So let me present you with a

"So let me present you with a hypothetical. Lets say there is evil intent guiding the states every move. There is a malicious person pulling all the strings and simply running the system to achieve his own dark goals. Do you think the state would work if these people were removed?"

Of course the state would work. Why wouldn't it? In a way, that is sort of like asking if the state would work if our political leaders actually started abiding by their oaths of office. I think it would not only work but it would work a LOT better without any 'evil' forces if they exist.

"Is it even possible to salvage these sorts of programs and make them work? Or are they inherently bad ideas that have absolutely no hope of success to begin with?"

I believe 100% in our Constitution, that it is meant to be followed and that there is an extreme level of importance for requiring that all of our political leaders, soldiers, judges, etc all swear oaths to it. So, with that said, I see no reason to salvage anything that is unconstitutional. The People either need to amend the Constitution to make these programs Constitutional or the programs must be ended.

In a nation of laws, it should not be that the highest / supreme law of our land is treated like dirt while very minor laws are enforced and used against The People, by the government, on a regular basis. If it's illegal for us to jaywalk, run red lights / stop signs, speed or rob banks then it should be illegal to an even greater extent for politicians to violate our nations HIGHEST law. If our highest law (upon which all other laws are based) is not important, then how can any other lower levels of law be important?

Whether or not the ideas / programs have a hope of success isn't really the point. If they are unconstitutional it means they are illegal. If someone is going to be supportive of unconstitutional illegal actions by the government then why not be supportive of thieves & other criminals as well.

"If you believe there is something nefarious happening, what do you believe when that element has been removed?"

I know that there is something nefarious happening. It is a fact. Violating our Constitution is nefarious. It is a blatant violation of our highest law. There really is no gray area regarding that as if it is somehow permissible for political leaders to violate the Constitution as long as they mean well. They all took the same oath, they are expected to abide by them.

Voting people out of office who have been violating our Constitution and running our nation into the ground would be a GOOD thing.

"Absent our conspirators the state is going to be bad either way"

Because you believe those vacancies would be filled with other conspirators?