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"and I think often times

"and I think often times every little problem that arises due to major flaws in the design gets chalked up to malice. When you're looking at the so called "proof" there is plenty of room for this particular interpretation, even though malice may not actually be in play."

We all make choices and we all are responsible for the choices that we make.

It's all about choice.

Political leaders can choose to obey the law that they swore oaths to or they can choose to violate those oaths & law.

When a politician chooses to violate our Constitution it is not simply a design flaw. Rather, it is a flaw in the individual who chose to violate our law. Violating our Constitution is an intentional and illegal act. It's not just some silly issue to be brushed aside or blamed on something else.

Unless the politician truly is incompetent, I believe you're wrong that malice may not actually be in play. Anyone in a position required to take the oath is acting in malice against our nation when they deliberately choose to violate our nation's highest law.

The situation we are in, though, is one in which nearly our entire government is filled with individuals who choose to violate our Constitution on a regular basis.

We need to vote the bums out and elect individuals with enough integrity to abide by their oaths of office to obey our Constitution.