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Yes I agree, but remember, Occam's Razor many times

shows that the convoluted explanation presented by the media and government is usually not the correct one.

The media and government have woven their own tall conspiracy tales to hide the truth of simple corruption, greed, and power lust.

We don't need to get into all sorts of fancy tales about a mythical terrorist organization, we only need look in the mirror at our own demented, self-serving, statist politicians here at home.

There also doesn't need to be secret and nefarious collusion or conspiracy. Just power hungry people intent on doing what they will, everyone else be damned, especially if it includes hardship or even death for anyone else.

To say that there aren't people who collude to impose a statist model on America is beyond naive. To say that under every rock is a conspiracy waiting to be uncovered is paranoid.

But then again, is it still paranoia if they really ARE out to get you?

This isn't something new. Since the early days of the Republic we have fought the battle to avoid statism. Even the Constitution was a battle lost in that fight. We were much less centralized before then, and many in positions of power obfuscated and stonewalled merely to force the issue with a ready made solution - central government.

This battle won't end either. There will always be those people who think they know better than anyone else how everyone should live their lives, and those that think they own everything and that everyone else should be bestowed the "privilege" from them of having at all.

Our goal can never be to eliminate such people, because you can't eliminate stupidity and hubris.

Our goal should be to expose it for what it is and do our damnedest to see such people are removed from power when found and otherwise aren't put there in the first place.