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Since you seem to really be searching,

I will help you.

Stupidity precludes an agenda which spans many years. Stupidity would be somewhat randomly stupid.
An agenda can be determined by study of historical trend-lines, as to what actually took place over time, enacted by these supposedly stupid people.

While things began earlier, a good study of what has been enacted and put into place since about 1913 to present, should give you a very good idea of the trend-line.
It has been very linear and predictable.
That precludes the stupidity argument. Large numbers of people in industry and gov't don't continue a very visible trend-line with this kind of laser-like precision, by random chance of stupidity.
There is a guiding force or agenda behind it.
And it doesn't take a whole lot of digging to find out what it is.

Sure, anyone can point out any number of examples of things that didn't support the trend, but the overall trend continued, and continues, unbroken.

This is how you need to look at things.
Zoom-out a little and look at the whole road that's been built over time. Not focusing on each little pebble. Then, you can see how each little pebble fit into the road that was built.
A road doesn't just "fall together" randomly. It gets built. And it gets built by people who know where they want that road to go.
You might see somebody walk outside and put a pebble down on the ground, and think, "that was odd, but it doesn't seem too suspicious. Perhaps he's just stupid.". But if you notice next year that there have been 5000 pebbles laid out there by different people, and there seems to be some order to it, then we might think that there is something going on.
And there is.