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skeptic and do not jump to conclusions and believe conspiracy tales very easily. The only conspiracy theory having to do with 911 is the one that our Government has been pushing targeting 19 arabs as responsible from about the 20 minute mark on 911. For a Government that can't run a school lunch program they were able to point blame and solve this crime 20 minutes into the operation, nothing to see here folks just 19 bad guys. The truth about 911 will be sooner uncovered than most people think. Do the American people on a whole believe that The Bush Administration was not capable of 911?? Where do 19 Arabs get 10 tons of Super Nano Thermite and then how are they able to access WTC 1 2 & 7 to plant these explosives. Where the hell are the supposed planes that crashed in PA. and at The Pentagon. Why were these questions not being asked by MSM from the getgo or even today?
911 3000 Dead 3 Million Questions

9/11 was an inside job .....time to get some answers..RP 2012