Comment: We are dealing with psychopaths not bumbling idiots.

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We are dealing with psychopaths not bumbling idiots.

I have no doubt politicians are just as capable of conspiring to commit acts of treason, terror, murder, rape, and theft as any other person in society who is a capable of committing these types of crimes. What make you think a politician is any different? Why do they get a pass?

I hear people say the government can't do anything right. Well what if they are "doing it wrong" on purpose to make us feel like they are incompetent, thus pacifying us into a state of skepticism and cynicism.

I don't buy into that notion, simply because I see my government killing in mass and blatantly violating their oaths to us and our Constitution. Is it incompetence or is it deliberate? I say it's deliberate most of the time.

Here is an interesting article which brings to light what these people (typical politicians) are...

"Politicians share personality traits with serial killers: Study" -


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