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Ends justify the means

Why do people think that those in the most powerful positions of the world, who are conspiring to create a benevolent despotism or world rule, believe they are committing evil acts. The elite rationalize that they are doing this for the benefit of mankind and "The end justifies the means". That is how humanity justifies the wrongs they commit because they see good (in their minds) at the end. It is human nature, if the elite or powerful believe that millions must be die in war or enslaved in serfdom to finally bring harmony to planet Earth and create their utopia, it is worth it to them. I don't believe they are creating utopia, I think they are nuts. We are human and very imperfect, but we do know at all times what is right and what is wrong no matter how we try to justify it later.
Our bureaucracy is inefficient at the government level but don't believe for one second that the top of the pyramid is.