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Meaning of Pyramid -

Remember, Pyramids were also used as Pharohn's tomb. the pharohs were buried with treasures, well secured. that is why later archeologists went looking for them.
even in death the demons are miserly, hoarders, hide.

Another use of pyramids was as a large clock to measure cosmic time, they had tubes well placed to watch at stars and planets at exact times. think of the calcutions these jinns made in those times, the en'gine'ers.

re: Pyr'A'mid, a greek term/word, tri'metry, with/as=
"Fire in the Middle", like a furnace, needs a lot of energy. mentioned in the Revelations, raises a lot of smoke. it$ $ign is visible on the $1-note, mentioned below.

invisible gasoline guzzler? thirsty for human energy,
attention and service, distracts from The Reality.

Also a symbol of pride and arrogance, pharonic, as the companion of obelisk, a sign of corruption, installed in capitals, of all states that establish a usurious system.
You will also see clock-towers, = "Time i$ Money". Wow.