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Each month

buy a dozen mason jars, whatever size, and fill half with different varieties of rice and the other half with a different variety of beans. In no time you'll have a pantry that will feed you for quite some time. Part Cowboy, part Cajun: Long live Red Beans and Rice!Plus, they actually look cool in a storage bin.
My neighborhood is full of deer, so plenty of meat, much better than the stockyard processed Monsanto fed heards. One a month, is all you need. And yes, water.....berkey filter. Power? Who really needs it. It wasn't too long no one had electricity.....gee, I wonder how they all made it? Before America was industrialized (go to the factory and get a payroll job so the IRS can access your paycheck)it was a common lifestyle just to work your land and feed and cloth your people. Nothing more, nothing less. We've greatly overcomplicated things.

alan laney