Comment: The real lesson here doesn't

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The real lesson here doesn't

The real lesson here doesn't seem to register with most people. And that lesson is, since we are not at war - and most people don't seem to realize that, there is no need for all of these secrets. In fact, it is all of this secret activity on the part of our public servants that constitutes our greatest danger.

Were we in a declared war against an enemy, there would be need to safeguard information of a military nature. But we are NOT at war. The Congress has not declared war. Instead, they have allowed the Executive Branch to claim to be waging a "War on Terror". Now since terror is a tactic, not an enemy, waging war on terror is like waging war against airborne operations.

Further, the terrorist threat was created by the actions of our own public servants, namely, their intrusive interventionist foreign policy. It is that foreign policy that has generated the hatred against this nation, and the terrorist threat.

But it gets worse! These same politicians use that terrorist threat that they created to erode the Bill of Rights. They use it to justify spying on the American people. They use it to conceal their own criminal activity under the guise of "national security".

But the fact is, national security demands that the American people closely monitor the actions of our public servants. National security demands that the American people know what they are up to. National security demands that we keep a close eye on them, not the other way around.

We don't work for them, they work for us.