Comment: Does anyone else see the irony

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Does anyone else see the irony

here. The NON JUDAIC government of false Jewish ancestry has the true Palestinian people in what amounts to a giant dog run AND EVERYONE ELSE is a RACIST ????? These same PEOPLE (IF YOU CAN CALL THESE THINGS PEOPLE) of non Jewish extraction order soldiers to board aid boats headed for these Palestinian people (still in the dog kennel) and they proceed to murder people attempting to render aid. AND ANYONE WHO SAYS A WORD IN OBJECTION IS A RACIST ???? The ADL doesn't represent the Jewish people they represent the criminals committing atrocities while hiding behind the mantra of being "One of Gods chosen people" when they are not. It is a complete criminal invention/fabrication started in Eastern Europe (Russia) before the advent of collective communism a system of collective slavery
you could feel good about because you were working with your fellow countrymen for the greater good of society..bullshit...Your working so the the Soviet Supreme could steal everything you earned..These vampires sucked Russia and Eastern Europe dry a long time ago now it's time to suck the United States dry.
Tell your representatives that you do not support these lying, murdering, thieving mobsters who have co-opted and control the state of Israel.
It's more than ironic it is hypocritical in the least and completely insane right in the middle there somewhere.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow