Comment: GOOOOOOOO!!!! Poker Face and Jake Towne

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GOOOOOOOO!!!! Poker Face and Jake Towne

Part of the New American Breed of men who have the stones to take on all comers against freedom. Jake is showing his resolve by going forward, as he is getting called names now by the parasites of the ADL.

Americans are getting sick and tired of all of the name calling. Posters like the mouth breeder - sandra further down this thread, are part and parcel of the long tentacles of the ADL/SPLC types that infest our freedom community.

All they do is to come onto threads to shite on people who dont agree with zionist supremacism. And that their view is the only view to have, other wise you are a so called hater/racist/anti-semantic. :)

Im getting to the point that if you call me one of those stupid names, I take it as a badge of honor. I must be doing something right and I am a threat to the established ORDER.

Lets pack this concert for Jake to show the local lehigh valley press and the ADL, that your crying and whining WOLF just dont cut the mustard any more.

Billions for Bankers, pennies for peasants is the main reason why the 2nd American Revolution is coming to a hometown near you...