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Comment: I resigned from the Repub party

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I resigned from the Repub party

over month ago. I just couldn't stomach how even the other Ron Paul people who I started out with in 2008 and lived through a hell of a time, even they have bought the kool aid. They glaze over at the thought of a Continental Congress and walking the talk in defence of our Constitution vis a vis 'candidates'. They are totally sucked into the 'false lust' of politics instead of statesmanship.

I watch them enthusiastically getting behind candidate after candidate that will never stand up for our Constitution in 'real' ways, just words without any passion whatsoever. None have pledged for nullification, yet they still get behind them.

The one running for governor who was endorsed is on video introducing Vin Weber, author and signatory to the PNAC (Project For New American Century). I had my name removed from endorsing him as a delegate when I found this out and tried to let others know with the link to the video. There goes that 'glazed over' look and the minimizing of what this implies. His running mate, lieutenant governor, a neo con, headed the Metro Council in Mpls. She clearly is in bed with UN agendas. Never mind, they all fell for it.

My energies are going into making Michael Badnarik's Constitution Class available to people who want to come each Saturday for 4 weeks.