Comment: I'm willing

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I'm willing

to have tariffs on imports.
I think it's a good idea. So did the founders.

The income tax needs to get kicked to the curb, pronto.

Consumption tax is an economy killer.
I believe the driving force behind the "Fair Tax" is to play the "Shell game", and shuffle-around the tax system so that they can pull the money from the population bulge(baby boomers) as they spend their retirement money that they've saved
They taxed all the Boomers' incomes as they accumulated the money, and now that they are retiring and have minimal incomes, they want to tax that money again "on the way out" when it's being spent. Just another tax shift to "shear" the rest of the Boomers' money that was already taxed I-don't-know-how-many-times, and now they want to put their fingers in it again when it's spent.

Tax is a demographics game. It needs to be targeted at the largest demographic with money. And this "Fair Tax" is a shuffle that can do that. But, they need to hide the true goal of what it is, so that it can get passed as something "fair". It's not a "solution" to taxation in any way. It's simply a ruse to move the taxation in such a way that it can augment the government's needs for more and more money. When the population bulge demographic is moving from income to retirement spending, just shift the taxation from income tax to spending tax, and they are in your pockets again.