Comment: Anyway You Label The Word Taxation... It's Still Extortion !

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Anyway You Label The Word Taxation... It's Still Extortion !

The feral government is simply a bunch of middle men/woman that extort money from the productive segment of society, and farm out contract, after contract, after contract to their friends and associates using the excuse that this project or that project is for the benefit of everybody.

When in reality it only benefits a group of insiders.

The Constitution covers local defense with a well regulated militia. It spells out exactly what the feral governments duties are. It also spells out what the feral government is not allowed to do, such as make international alliances, treaties, or confederations, etc. etc.
It also suggests using Gold/Silver only as money, if any other country refuses to accept U.S. Gold/Silver money, that's their own problem.

Keeping Gold/Silver money unhindered within the productive segment of society assures the wealth produced by producers promotes prosperity for the greatest number of people.
It also inhibits runaway higher prices on everything.

Humpty Dumbty sat on a wall, humpty dumbty had a great fall, all the kings horses and all the kings men, couldn't put humpty together again.....humpty dumbty was an old effigy for the king and his totally corrupt government that extorted taxes from his subject/slaves.