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As I have said... a few of my posts on DP, I believe the Fairtax WOULD have been a great first step in eliminating the IRS and calling for a repeal of the 16th amendment. It is succinct (seriously, read it) and well thought out (as long as repealing the 16th amendment took place).

However, things have changed drastically in this country since the Fairtax was proposed. The IRS is now an even bigger strong-arm in health care and other proposed legislation. It's become obvious Congress will never relinquish the kind of power the Fairtax demands to be successful. It is equally obvious that Congress could never pass the Fairtax without significantly changing it to co-opt its original intent.

So, now I say go for broke. I'd rather see efforts to eliminate the IRS than wasted efforts (time and money) on a bill that would never pass in its original form (in the political environment TODAY).

It's time to elect candidates who will work to dismantle the Federal machine and to support them everyday in their work.