Comment: What we need, desperately, is more and more of the power of No!

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What we need, desperately, is more and more of the power of No!

"It is only the slavish obedience to authority, the reluctance and refusal to break the damned rules and "cause trouble," that makes the elites and their hold on power possible. Take away that obedience, take away the refusal to deny the legitimacy of the ruling elites and their demands that all the rest of us support them in their rule, and they have nothing. The elites know that; most Americans don't ...

The ruling class is corrupt, immoral, deadly, and entirely illegitimate. Their greatest fear is that you will realize it.

"The power of "No" is far, far greater than most people ever permit themselves to understand."~Arthur Silber

"We live in an age where murderous pig-stickers and corporate Coprophagoi demand that we tip our caps to them, sing songs of their goodness and glory, and praise the hideous system they have made. For generations now, we have taught our children that this is the way the world should be, this is the only form of reality -- this crabbed, cruel, diminished, hollowed-out travesty."

The power of "No" that Silber speaks of is the most positive, productive response you can make to such insanity. Saying no to cooperation with evil, in whatever form it takes, on whatever scale -- including the scale of our own chaotic, wandering, mysterious psyches. What we need, desperately, is more and more of the power of No -- and the determination to live in -- and live for -- those moments of connection and awareness that the free flow of being can provide."~Chris Floyd

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Sorry for what may be an overly long compilation ...but I'm up to my eyeballs in ripe tomatoes and under other temporary time constraints!
For those who may have missed some of these.
Love, LB

"I think we are living in a world of lies: lies that don't even know they are lies, because they are the children and grandchildren of lies." ~ Chris Floyd