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the scribe is the proverbial NWO, Wall St.Bankster OWNED Military CONgressional, Media-tainment Industrial Complex's sycophantic turd, nerd, who hangs around his "betters;" the most despicable individuals IMO are entertainment and sports writers, as they cannot do, nor have the talent to do whom they regularly cover, so being around them, within their spheres even if it is to criticize and take them down, it gives them a sense of self-worth.

Seriously, people do not grow out of their High School archetypes: insecure, neurotic losers trying to hang around the "popular" clique. So laughable to watch grown adults grabble at their feet.

just part and parcel of the sheeple-dom who drown themselves in modern version of the Bread & Circus, aka. boob-tube & sports, I suppose.