Comment: With 20+ yrs. here in Costa Rica...

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With 20+ yrs. here in Costa Rica...

I must say...the slide into a police state type posture is demoralizing. I for one ( together with many concerned others ) are taking action NOW. I suggest all of us living here in CR or planning to do so...take notice. OUR FREEDOMS ( INCLUDING PROPERTY RIGHTS ) ARE BEING TESTED. If you came to CR for the tranquility and the personal freedoms...your about to lose them if a UNITED effort is not made.

The phony "war on drugs" is the vehicle used to propel this madness...a continental symposium is set for mid to late Nov. to address prohibition & medical cannabis. The time they are a change'in !!!

We are the ONLY sector of the CR community that is NOT REPRESENTED OR RESPECTED. We need ( and will soon have ) an org. with teeth and the will to bite back.


An alternative is near...and planning / organization is advanced. More soon.

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