Comment: Well I'm done too, and sadly with Ron Paul.

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Well I'm done too, and sadly with Ron Paul.

I am so confused and resentful because what I supported, the 2008 campaign for Ron Paul has turned into something I don't like. This comment is not intended to piss anyone off. I'm just confused abut what's happening and I feel very upset. I'm not trying to piss anyone off, but maybe someone can explain to me what is happening. There's a focus on Rand now. And I don't like him. So this is how I'm feeling....

I campaigned for Dr. Paul. I bought all his books. I sent in donations. I rode around with a RON PAUL 2008 bumper sticker on my car. I told everyone about him, and I felt pride while doing so.

But his son is nuts, sorry. And I feel like I wasted my time supporting Dr. Paul when he and his son are of the same mind. I feel embarrassed that I backed him when he thinks his sons outrageous comments, especially about BP, "...boot heel on the throat of BP." is perfectly fine. Ron is so right on the money about, well, money, where our troops shouldn't be, and so many other things. THAT'S why I supported him. But so wrong when it comes to his son. And all Rand had to do was ride on his fathers coattails and then take what WE, the hard working, thoughtful campaigners made for Dr. Paul, not for Rand. What a bate and switch this is.

And the TEA party took all the ideas that WE had, the Ron Paul supporters. They stole all the great things we came up with and twisted it to meet their beliefs. It really bugs me how unoriginal they are. WE were talking Thomas Jefferson and Constitution etc. Fox news/Tea party NEVER ONCE talked about things like that during the Bush administration. Now they can't stop. Especially that should-be-on-meds-and-committed Glenn Beck. Thief! Nothing but Ron Paul supporters ideas on his show now.

And Dr. Paul, can't see what's happened??!! He doesn't acknowledge OUR hard work and now his son, with his insane comments, Ron doesn't thank us and give us the credit we deserve for Rand's new found success and (UGH) popularity? Was this the plan from the beginning? It's insanity what's happened.

What a let down. I can no longer support Dr. Paul and I will NEVER support Rand.

You're welcome Rand for taking what WE created for your father and stealing the spotlight for yourself.

If I had only known THIS would happen, I would have supported another candidate who I at least KNEW was a fraud, but was aware of that while campaigning and voting.

I am so very sad about this. I thought Dr. Paul was different. When will I ever learn...