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Ron Paul is against BP

He's just saying BP should be allowed to openly compete in a free-market, NOT to allow BP to get away with crimes.

The liberal zionized media overgeneralizes everything and is the absolute worst. They put words in Ron's mouth which he never spoke.

Again, the libertarian position on BP is to allow BP to do its business WITHOUT Federal Government intervention - and at the same time allow their own employees & county prosecutors to bring the corporation down as well as throw Tony Hayward in prison where he belongs.

Obama is doing the opposite by giving BP unbelievable amounts of power, shaking them down for billions of dollars, and installing "bureaucrats" in charge of everything. What is even worse?

Obama is telling all oil companies they are as bad as BP, by putting out a public ban on oil drilling. Now all of those workers will LIKEWISE lose their jobs, and BP is still making lots of money in publicity!!!