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Teacher pay

Beware; about to go off on a bit of a tangent:

Teachers certainly are NOT underpaid. In fact, in my region, they are grossly OVERpaid in most cases. I'm sure this will vary geographically, but the old "underpaid teachers" mantra that has been ground into our brains for decades surely is no longer accurate, if it ever was. Then throw on top of that the fact that it's VERY hard to get fired/laid off, and the lavish benefits and pensions.

Why work harder as a teacher? Sure you'll have some that really care, but you'll have plenty who just get lazy and complacent, greedy, and entitled.

My wife is a teacher, and I know many teachers, and yes most of them are overpaid, some by amounts that will make you blush.

Only in dirt bag unions will you find the type of abuse you find there. UAW: Bolt on car doors for long enough, make six figures. Teachers: Babysit 1st graders long enough, make six figures (yes yes I know it's more than babysitting, but what I'm illustrating is the lack of any sort of growth or advancement or achievement that is needed to be paid these six figure salaries).

The free market doesn't allow that garbage; only in dirt bag unions can this be made possible. Said dirt bag unions are a huge part of the problem with education today. They're worried about the crony union money grubbing power structure, and not the children.