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Am I reading this article

Am I reading this article correctly? Those basic items are being stolen from their supplies and the schools cannot maintain the rising costs of these "missing items".

Can things get that bad that people??? will steal basic need items from the schools????

I truly think it is time to close down the schools. They don't work anymore.I watch the kids here in Central Canada and have come to think sending them to school is a waste of time, money and teachers. So many kids have no interest, inclination or intention to learn what the schools are offering so they water down the curriculum to get passable grades.

Maybe it is time to think of education as an opportunity and a privilege earned by anyone who is thus inclined instead of nurturing the mind set of those who feel school is a holding tank to keep kids off the streets (high schools) OR a babysitting service (pre-school) for the working parent(s) OR an entitlement just because... is perhaps a false premise to base the reason for education.