Comment: Another Object Lesson in Communism!

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Another Object Lesson in Communism!

One of those events I can't forget happened to me in third grade. There was a "grab-bag" day for whatever reason, and my mother and I wrapped a box with a little plastic glow-in-the-dark monster I picked out (because I loved it myself) and several of my favorite brand choclate bars.

Of course, I drew a crappy, used, 1-piece plastic car fit for a 3-yr old.

The dissapointment and loss didn't torment me near as much as listening to, perhaps 70% of the kids around laughing about the obviouse injustice. Only a couple commented on how unfair it was, teacher not-included.

So much for inculcating communism! Let those stupid fools keep it up. The more stupid and evil things they do, the more they will destroy themselves.