Comment: Here - There- Now is a Revolution heading to town!!

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Here - There- Now is a Revolution heading to town!!

As for the "conservatives" who call themselves corporatists.......these frauds were NEVER conservative.

These commonly referred to as neocons, are a socialist nightmare of zionists and tribal globalist scumbags - NONE of them are conservative!!!

We are taking back our rightful name, that is "conservative" as a label before it got torn into pieces by the corporatist neoliberal traitors in this nation. It is time to toss off these idiotic labels once and for all!

You want to demonstrate your gay rights or countless other things, fine, just don't interfere with a church or their members when you do so. Keep rights to your own property and take care of your own, and keep government small so its out of this corporate boondoggle once and for all.

We used to declare "wars" only when the constitution called for it, period. We would defend our military and wage war on oppressors, not on every single country we came across with the idea of being liberal "nation builders". That wasn't in our constitution. That's not a declaration of WAR.

We are all "anti-war" across this spectrum, but only unjust and ILLEGAL wars. Wars that are correct and properly declared wars against those whom violated our personal safety, are strongly called for. Wars of defense spending are strongly called for.

Corporate wars into hundreds of countries for the sake of profit, are an abomination to us and are NEVER called for to any degree. They are an absolute shameful mockery! All these wrong-headed wars and leaders of these wars, need to be dropped right off in the middle of the corporate desert-works since we say "NO MORE"

Cut off the excess spending. Put in Ron Paul's plan to cut all foreign aid......CUT off the Military Industrial Complex, which NO ONE in this country can afford to support any longer!!!!
Lets get it done. Being anti-wrong headed war is popular.