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This article appears to be locked

I can't read the rest of it at the WSJ. However, this is the first comment:

I am surprised that as a conservative, I agree with so much Mr. Nader has written here--and I have agreed with him on very little in the past 40 years. I just never thought I would hear him make such an eloquent case for true, gloves-off, no-holds-barred free-market capitalism, and smaller government.

There are two problems: 1) I am not sure how you tackle many of the economic challenges today without having some of the size of Microsoft, Verizon, or Union Pacific. Capital formation and complexity demand large and complex organizations. 2) Most of these large companies live by the rules (more or less), provide useful goods and services (that people actually willingly buy with their own money--no government subsidies required), provide LOTS of people with a better living than they could ever make on their own, and create a lot of wealth for investors, and to be reinvested in the business, providing productivity improvement, and rising standards of living.

The rub comes when we don't like the answer, and we decide to have government wade in and try to 'fix it'. The regulator is ALWAYS eventually captured by the regulated industry. How does that fix anything over the long haul? I am not sure that it helps--and it most surely HURTS a lot of things.

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