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Watch it again, Still is no fool

There is nothing preventing individuals from trading with gold, silver, or pinto beans in this model. But the currency used in broad commerce must be PLENTIFUL or people will be poor. That is not mysterious high finance... If there are only 100 dollar bills in existence, and that is the ONLY medium of exchange permitted, and there are 200 people in this society... there will be 100 destitute people no matter what they do. No one "trusts" anyone, but at least if Congress did it, we could vote them out if we did not like how much they printed.

Or maybe it is your personal wealth you are really worried about? Been socking away gold, don't want to miss your payday? No worries. The American citizenry will never get their brain around this. Soon you will be DELIGHTED to see "End the Fed" become a HUGE movement, so we can usher in the global "gold backed" currency all the "liberty lovers" have clamored for... Feel used yet? No, still feeling smug? We are ALL "controlled opposition" you know... The people who program the TV, write the text books, etc... they all framed the debate, and we all picked sides... Keep clamoring for a gold standard, your "victory" is at hand... Just remember that all those years of manipulation was time that banksters were hoarding like crazy. Did you get enough put back to be rich in THEIR gold economy?

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.