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"The expansion of corporate

"The expansion of corporate power was the reason progressives justified the expansion of government power (see Napolitanos history Part 3)."

Napolitano's piece was not anti-corporation, especially given his mention of how the rise of the corporations contributed to an increased living standard... Watch his piece again.

The progressives would have used anything to justify their expansion of government power- the color of the sky, the fact that water is wet.... fill in the blank. Stating that corporations led to the progressives is a stretch to say the least.

Conversely, the progressives went on to attack all manners of the free market, property rights and individual liberty- whether one is a corporation or not is inconsequential.

Like it or not, corporations have property rights just like any one else. How one interprets their property rights is another manner. Again, the dispute usually centers around privileges and definitions conferred by the state that differ from those granted to individuals.