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You use the term

to limit. To limit is not free market principle and does not motivate people to invest or take chances which is what built AMERICA into the Nation that all Nations want to steal from.

Manipulation and excess is NOT the same . Excess is the mother of invention, manipulation is the mother of thieves. Excess is passed on in some way, while theft is LOST forever.

Republicae I'm surprised you speak socialistic communisum. Read what you wrote than listen to Lenon.
Still does not support this communist style.

A gov't backed system would not be the same. The Banker (The U,S, Tres.), in charge, "could not" hand over to itself any unlimited printing of fiat the the economy would not support. The economy would be controlled by supply and demand. Foreign investers would no longer get to put into the system for an unbalanced budget to take place. Of course you realize that the American economy would no longer be number one as other counties adopt what we already had, AN unlimited source of funds to do with as we saw fit. America would become what you all would be afraid of , an Obsama stifled economy because other nations would become the unlimited funds governments.

This is the very thing the NWO is trying to accomplish. American insolvency. The FED.RES= why would any sane PRIVATE Banker (THE FED. RES) finance a Country into insolvency ? They have someting to GAIN. NWO. / SIMPLE Then they can have their way with the whole World the way they treat Americans, SLAVES. / SIMPLE

Who owns the FED. RES.? THE international monetary system. / SIMPLE. THE Gadsdon Flag.