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It is apparent that you don't

It is apparent that you don't know the meaning of property title, that is what gold provides to the average person. When you earn honest money [gold], which by the way is a double asset instead of a double liability or a simply legal notification of a debt obligation, that gold money is titled to you by virtue of its value as a commodity. Paper notes, without the backing of any asset value except the forced legal tender and tax laws, can never be titled money, it is always, without exception, the property of the issuing agency, which in our case is the federal government. The federal government cannot own the gold money once it is in circulation, nor are they capable of containing, manipulating its circulation thereby manipulating the rate of interest. A natural interest arises within the market as the circulation of specie money is exchanged, the time value of specie money, as well as the purchase value of specie money is not nearly susceptible to the influences of either government or corporations. Specie money lends itself not only to the free market much better than any other form of money, but it also protects the ability of people to gain wealth, and thus retain their private property rights.

Since the vast majority of gold is in the hands of private individuals, as well as private companies, there is no need to concern ourselves with the so-called "national stock-pile", once there is a restoration of specie money the demand will be met, as in all matters of the free market, with the supply. All the government need do is get out of the way, the market will do the rest.

"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun