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Comment: This will never be a "popular" thread...

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This will never be a "popular" thread...

... for the same reason that I do not believe that this could be a platform that would "sweep libertarians to victory".

The whole concept is too difficult for most people to understand. The learning curve is too steep.

But this could be a HISTORIC thread if people with intelligence and intellectual integrity took the time and effort to understand just what jabowery is proposing. His sometimes obscure and convoluted descriptions are actually an admirable attempt to reconcile libertarian principles with the dangerous servant that is government.

For example, the fact that his system of taxation focuses on WEALTH as opposed to INCOME, is critical.

This eliminates the most egregious aspects of the "Income Tax"; the fact that it punishes productivity/investment while encouraging hoarding or rent seeking behaviors.

It also links that most legitimate function of government, the protection of property rights, with an equitable way of paying for that service. (i.e., He who has the most to protect, pays the most to protect it.)

The fact that he also has designed an equitable way for defining a homestead exemption recognizes the fact that no just system of taxation can take from a man that minimum necessary for his survival (equally apportioned or not).

The fact that he expresses it in terms that are difficult to comprehend on first reading does NOT render them any less valid or valuable to the cause of freedom.

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