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Comment: Political practicality

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Political practicality

spacehabitats: "I do not believe that this could be a platform that would "sweep libertarians to victory"."

I agree that it is a platform that would, in the present circumstances, be less practical than The Laboratory of the States platform that I have proposed as a "next election" potential for victory. However, if by "near term" one means the next decade, we have to consider the changes likely to occur over those years.

Charles Murray of the American Enterprise Institute has proposed a citizen's dividend of about $1000/month as a way of placing social goods "In Our Hands" despite his preference for totally private distribution of social goods. Of the practicality of his citizen's dividend proposal, he writes: "The projected costs of the current system and of the Plan cross in 2011. By 2020, the Plan would cost $549 billion less than a continuation of the current system—again, projecting no increase whatsoever in the percentage of people making $50,000 or more. This statement does not take transition costs into account—but, on the other hand, a system that promises to cost half a trillion dollars less than the current system per year by 2020 leaves a lot of wiggle room for dealing with transition costs."

Indeed, he argues for not only the political practicality of a proposal such as his, but for its 10-year inevitability given the current trends of the welfare state.

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