Comment: The article does not seem to link to the original FP article,

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The article does not seem to link to the original FP article,

The Doc actually wrote it @ CFR's own rag, Foreign Policy Magazine.

I actually put up a thread earlier here:

Dr. Ron Paul imparts some MUCH needed Wisdom at CFR's own SandBox: "A Tea Party Foreign Policy"

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The Good Doc pens a really simple, yet elegant (ain't the man always?) sorta olive branch... okay it's really a soft, but stern warning to the neoLiB and neoCON NWO Wall St.Bankster financed sycophants and adherents at Council on Foreign Relations' rag, Foreign Policy Magazine:

The Good Doc wrote the above, in response to THIS article:

As always the Gentleman, the Doc heeds a prudent warning to those whom seek to hijack the TeaParty and OUR grassroots Freedom/Liberty/Patriot/Truth movement, in order to keep it within the confines of the failed, non-existent-in-reality-by-design "Two-Party" false L-R paradigm.

Like, sorry, it cannot, will not be neatly be contained within your agenda. As he puts it: "I am optimistic, and our numbers are increasing!"

A critical mass of awakened souls have a funny way of amassing toward the Truth.

- Ron Paul/Andrew Napolitano 2012!!!