Comment: Looks like "Righthaven" is uniting all sides against them...

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Looks like "Righthaven" is uniting all sides against them...

Looks like Righthaven is uniting all sides against them, proving we don't even have to do any work to educate the left.

The leftist liberals know a fraud when they see one. "Righthaven" is known as Lefthaven, as far as I'm concerned where all the elite neo-liberal statists go back home to play.

If it is possible for the left to wake up from their delusion about the far-left being good for them, then perhaps the government still has a chance.

The far-left is run by a pack of rampaging, lunatic neoliberal scumbags. And they are all "on the same side", so don't try to fool people.

Keith Olbermann, CATO, Steve Gibson, WorldNetDaily, Glenn Beck, Pelosi & the United Nations are all on the same team. Same side, same nasty face!

The far left communist agenda. From Roosevelt down to Clinton down to Bush and Obama.

Who's worse? The devil you know? Or the devil you don't. We know "Newt" and the marxist bishops.

Who do they know? Do they know James Warren, the loser who is friends with Steve Gibson is in fact a neo-liberal hack? Newsweak magazine.

Rand Paul laid the smackdown on these fools two weeks ago when we were still wide awake.