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Comment: Very nice!

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Very nice!

I am delighted that your post is not at all what I expected, and even further delighted to see the positive reception.
If I may: Why are you attempting to make un-enforcable contracts at all? It is the same stunt the tyrants pull. If my neighbor is polluting, it is my responsibility to work with them to satisfactory compromise. If all my neighbors agree with me, we "run 'em outta town" if they don't comply. If they agree with the other guy, I shut up or move. No contracts needed, just people looking out for their own self interest. Most folks will do that, although the hypnosheep need to relearn self-love. (Not evil, not "selfish" - just the place where all love must originate.)
Think "squirrel." If I am your neighbor, and I am not a human but a really clever squirrel, what would you expect of me? Because that is what I am. :) So sorry, these paws don't sign things... (Careful where this leads... squirrels find the whole notion of "nations" amusing...)

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