Comment: Interesting find for me....

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Interesting find for me....

...maybe even a Divine Appointment!

I went through his site and perused ... he is not kidding about "addiction"(I love writing, EVERYDAY, I have to flush out the profound thoughts in my brain).

As far as being an alcoholic goes; I grew up in a very upper middle-class suburb of Chicago, I was drinking Old Style at 14 - our parents went to Neil Diamond concerts and bought us neighborhood kids a keg before they left('cuz they KNEW we were gonna find some beer anyway) - I was a water boy for a college football team, and enjoyed a few Blatz's with them guys during high school - when I turned 21 - I loved to drink in downtown Chicago; I love comedy - comedy clubs - the original Saturday Night Live cast and Second City TV; and I grew up listening to Jonathon Brandmeier and Kevin Matthews on Chicago radio.

Went to concerts all over Chicagoland; from Tom Petty to Crosby, Stills & Nash - I had Chicago Bears season tickets from 1983 - 1989 - and all of this coupled with many years of Taste of Chicago, the onset of sports talk radio in the 90's; and all them Championships of our different sports teams ... these were all occasions to drink much beer!

But, enter in the STUPIDITY factor; losing control, being and ALCOHOLIC, and recovering ... naturally, without meetings, support group, or a dollar/minute psychiatrist.

I quit drinking and smoking cold turkey on February 6, 2000. I was gonna write a book called The Last Hangover after I had made an ass out of myself at a company belated Christmas party; and that is when I said, my tolerance for(and love of) drinking until I get my fill was gonna get me in trouble; being my jovial outspoken self.

So, then I spent 7 years in a fundamental, independent, separated Baptist church in Wisconsin; that preached TOTAL abstinence - which was easy to swallow, considering I had a PAST of abusing alcohol ... but now ... having gotten out of the church, having delved into American History - I've realized that I had become a religious bigot, judgmental, and all the repulsive rest of those things that make people want to keep me at arms length.

So, slowly, over the past 5 years; I have allowed myself to take in an occasional adult beverage(or 3, or 5) depending on the circumstances! I do not keep beer in the house too often, I do not like drinking in front of my children. I know many people who have allowed alcohol to ruin their life, impact them in a way that fosters a selfishness; which causes them to make irrational, and stupid decisions that cause others physical harm, and permanently damages relationships - but - I have also learned this CONTROL yourself thing ... and I like it ... it makes sense to me.

What also makes sense is that professing Christians drink - and now - we will all come to know together; fundamentalist, knowledgeable Christians(myself); will occasionally tip a Heineken in the event of having a good time, or, to take the edge off!

This man's research of 4 decades is pretty profound - we can see how strict moralists who want to control everyone BUT themselves can screw it up for the rest of us - what a parallel to the Glenn Beck Christian Nation PARTY run by the Establishment GOP who we KNOW drink on the dime of taxpayers & lobbyists; all the while can't wait to get in front of a crowd of alcohol-hating Evangelicals and tell them how much they love God, and that if re-elected, fiscal conservatism will be their #1 PRIORITY ... what a crowd, eh? A bunch of LIARS and STUPID voters!

Well, such is my blunt commentary of the consumption of adult beverages ... my advice, alcohol consumption is not a Heaven or Hell issue - you will reap what you sow no matter what; just have an OPEN mind, and keep on self-educating yourself, not unto rationalizing into normalcy personal corruption, lying, open immorality, ludeness, adultery and outright destructive vices that only serve to tear down the culture when not restrained; but self-educate yourself unto awareness, and challenge yourself to practice personal self-restraint with your personal Liberty(ya know, practice and exemplify the Golden Rule for America's sake) - well, keep it REAL, man; and, ... CHEERS!